Greece Collection

This collection was designed for all you beautiful boho chic free spirts out there. There are a few more whimsical and playful pieces than in past collections making it the perfect collection to pop off the summer with. 

When designing all of my collections I try to keep in mind versatility.  I know many of you want pieces you can effortlessly wear with your existing everyday pieces.  The mix metal pieces hopefully provide that versatility, giving lots of layering and styling options to make getting dressed this summer that much easier. 

A year ago my Mother and I went on a special European adventure. It was there I got inspired to create a Greece themed collection. All the stunning white and blue buildings and landscapes were so mesmerizing; I couldn’t help but get inspired. Drawing from those colors I decided to incorporate beautiful royal blue lapis gemstones into the designs. Along with those stones the evil eye charms were also a huge source of inspiration.

The Greek evil eye is believed to help protect from evil energy by deflecting the negative energy directed towards it back to the sender. It’s a symbol of protection and good luck in Greece. I hope these evil eye pieces will do just that for you; protect you from any bad negative vibes allowing you to shine on and live your best life!